[Ardour-Dev] Ardour in Summercode Finland 2008

Sakari Bergen sakari.bergen at tkk.fi
Fri Apr 18 02:52:17 PDT 2008

Summercode Finland is a Finnish equivalent for Google's Summer of Code. 
The biggest difference is, that students propose their own subjects from 
which five projects are chosen to be funded by a group of sponsors.

I am glad to announce that my project, Improving export functionality 
and adding meta data support to Ardour, got funded this year. This means 
I will be working on Ardour for three months next summer. A detailed 
project plan can be found from 
http://beatwaves.net/files/software/summercode/plan.pdf . Also, if you 
are interested in following my progress during the summer, I will be 
keeping a blog <http://beatwaves.net/taxonomy/term/39> on my website ( 
http://beatwaves.net/taxonomy/term/39 ). I would also like to thank 
Thorsten Wilms for all his help and excellent concept work on exporting, 
and Sampo Savolainen for mentoring me next summer.

It is also worth mentioning that I am not the only Finnish student being 
funded for working on Linux audio next summer: Juuso Alasuutari will be 
working on improving LASH. More information can be found from his blog ( 
http://audioprocess.blogspot.com/ ).

Best Regards,
Sakari Bergen

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