[Ardour-Dev] Ardour in Summercode Finland 2008

Paul Symons ardour at iove.org
Fri Apr 18 12:26:05 PDT 2008

Terve ja kiitos!

Good luck with your projects, I look forward to seeing the results.


Paul Symons

On Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:52:17 +0300, Sakari Bergen <sakari.bergen at tkk.fi>
> Summercode Finland is a Finnish equivalent for Google's Summer of Code.
> The biggest difference is, that students propose their own subjects from
> which five projects are chosen to be funded by a group of sponsors.
> I am glad to announce that my project, Improving export functionality
> and adding meta data support to Ardour, got funded this year. This means
> I will be working on Ardour for three months next summer. A detailed
> project plan can be found from
> http://beatwaves.net/files/software/summercode/plan.pdf . Also, if you
> are interested in following my progress during the summer, I will be
> keeping a blog <http://beatwaves.net/taxonomy/term/39> on my website (
> http://beatwaves.net/taxonomy/term/39 ). I would also like to thank
> Thorsten Wilms for all his help and excellent concept work on exporting,
> and Sampo Savolainen for mentoring me next summer.
> It is also worth mentioning that I am not the only Finnish student being
> funded for working on Linux audio next summer: Juuso Alasuutari will be
> working on improving LASH. More information can be found from his blog (
> http://audioprocess.blogspot.com/ ).
> Best Regards,
> Sakari Bergen
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