[Ardour-Dev] OSC control and Tranzport

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Tue Nov 6 02:22:49 PST 2007


Ben Bell wrote:
> Final question: on the Tranzport. Is the conclusion that it is just not
> possible to interfce with the wheel reliably from userspace or was there
> a disagreement about whether it was appropriate? I'm toying with making a
> Tranzport <-> OSC or Tranzport <-> MIDI thing but if the upshot of other
> people's work is that it's going to be a PITA then I'll spend my limited
> time on other things.

A few month ago I started to implement exactly that kind of application
(tranzport <-> MIDI). I could achieve much more stability than in the
ardour2 implementation by running an own high priority thread which
immediately puts tranzport-events into a fifo. I will provide the source
code tonight, it is not available here right now.

Having a more reliable tranzport-device with ardour would be great!

Please note that there are also dead-lock bugs in the ardour tranzport
backend. I provided patches for that bug in the mantis pages of ardour


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