[Ardour-Dev] OSC control and Tranzport

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Tue Nov 6 14:17:11 PST 2007

Hi again,

here is my simple implementation of a standalone tranzport2midi
application (based on other tranzport code):


This application implements a *very* primitive virtual DAW controller
which can control midid-controllable applications (e.g. ardour2) using a
tranzport device. MIDI feedback is not (yet) implemented, as far as I
remember (I did not look at the code for some months). The tranzport
link stability is significantly higher than that of libardour_tranzport.

You can do with this source code whatever you want. Currently I have not
the possibility to bring this project to a really usable state, but I
would be happy to contribute/participate.

The reason why I went for a stand-alone application instead of improving
the ardour tranzport code was that this is more flexible and allows
control of other MIDI applications as well. It could be nice to put this
virtual DAW controller in Mackie control emulation mode and use the very
stable mcu/bcf2000 backend to control ardour.

Best regards,


Ben Bell wrote:
> (Forwarding to ardour-dev rather than Paul directly)
> I've got a basic OSC based remote control capable of sending instructions
> to the transport but really I'd like to get some feedback from Ardour and
> do parameterised things like enable record on a given channel.
> Paul, you mentioned some example code you'd used to test the functionality.
> If you can find it would you mind pointing me at it? I'm guessing that the
> interface would be something like /ardour/track/<trackname>/rec_enable
> and perhaps I'd be doing /ardour/track/<trackname>/receive_levels or
> /ardour/track/<trackname>/<plugin>/receive_automations to register an
> interest in various feedback parameters?
> Or am I barking up the wrong tree -- is this all intended but unimplemented
> functionality? That's sort of what it looks like from the code but not
> from what I thought you were saying on IRC.
> Final question: on the Tranzport. Is the conclusion that it is just not
> possible to interfce with the wheel reliably from userspace or was there
> a disagreement about whether it was appropriate? I'm toying with making a
> Tranzport <-> OSC or Tranzport <-> MIDI thing but if the upshot of other
> people's work is that it's going to be a PITA then I'll spend my limited
> time on other things.
> bjb

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