[ardour-dev] SVN Commit - r1917

Doug McLain doug at nostar.net
Fri May 25 14:10:40 PDT 2007

This commit changes what used to be known as the ColorManager dialog to 
the ThemeManager.  At the top of the dialog is an option to select 
between 2 themes, light and dark.  Dark is the current theme.  Light is 
a new theme I created, but note that it's not complete yet.  Here are 
screenshots of the 2 different options as selected from the ThemeManager 


This new method for loading/reloading themes made it possible to remove 
a bunch of the early handling of the rcfile during startup. I sure hope 
I didn't break anything :)

The monitoring options are now global instead of session specific.

Still to do is to finish up the light theme, and add all of the canvas 
colors in the Theme Manager to the Configuration system so they are 
saved along with the theme selection.


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