[ardour-dev] greetings

Brian Wentzloff brian.wentzloff at gmail.com
Thu May 24 17:52:08 PDT 2007

	Hello, Ardour development team. My name is Brian Wentzloff and I am  
a soon-graduating student in the University of Memphis' Music  
Recording program. Let me first say that I am very excited about this  
project. I believe I first heard about it on Digg.com or something. I  
have been hanging out on the fringes for several months now, playing  
with the software and examining code a little in my free time. I have  
to say that Ardour excites me a lot. Personally I get very frustrated  
with DigiDesign's and other's limitations (hardware and software),  
and I know a lot of music industry professionals feel the same way. I  
believe open-source software like Ardour is the wave of the future-- 
in every industry, not only audio. But since audio is what I know,  
its great that this project exists and I can help. I am very anxious  
to do what I can.

	So, what is it that I can do, you ask? Like I said, I went through  
the Music Recording Technology program at the University of Memphis  
(no degree yet, though, I've got a couple gen eds to finish up), and  
through that I've gained a lot of experience and knowledge of working  
in recording studios and the audio world in general. I am currently  
working in a recording studio in Oxford, MS part time. However, I  
also have a long history of computer programming. My first several  
years in college were as a Computer Science major, and for a decade  
previous to that, I've been coding in C++. Its been a couple years  
since I've programmed as I've been concentrating on graduating with  
the music degree, but I should be able to get my chops back rather  
quickly. My career goal is to work in some capacity as a DSP  
engineer. I believe that I have the perfect balance of skills between  
computer nerd and audio nerd to work effectively at that job. I  
consider Ardour as an introduction to that kind of work, so consider  
me a sort of intern for you guys. I'm excited to get my hands dirty,  
and I'm looking forward to working with all of you on this amazing  
piece of software.

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