[ardour-dev] knowing JACK

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sun May 20 06:51:31 PDT 2007


Some time ago I wrote a rather lengthy user-level introduction to JACK. 
It was published in a German Linux magazine, and I'd now like to put the 
original on the Web. However, it surely needs updated, so I've placed 
its current condition on-line here :


At this time I'm looking for corrections and additions to the main text. 
I've purposefully left out the screenshots, I'll update them myself 
after the text is up to date.

I'm not using FreeBob or JackMIDI and would apprciate any information 
readers think should go into the article.

Please advise if any information regarding the QJackCtl audio options 
needs changed. Users often wonder what all those checkboxes actually do, 
and I'd like to give them the right info.

Btw, this artice is *not* planned for publication again, and I'll 
happily place it under a CC license if desired by the community. If 
acceptable I'd like it to go on the linuxaudio.org site.

Feel free to respond to the lists or directly to me.



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