[ardour-dev] 2.0.2 issues...

Lawrence T. Levine levine at yellowchicken.com
Sat May 12 08:50:30 PDT 2007

Oh, don't read my comment the wrong way.  I think the work they have done 
on 64studio is fantastic.    I just like building everything myself.  At 
this point I use as few packages as possible.  I've been stable on Ardour 
for a few years including the last bunch of months on 2.0b12.  There's 
just something strange at the moment.  I'll get it figured out eventually. 
Actually sometimes I think figuring it out is half the fun. :) 
Particularly tuning things to go fast!

Anyway - I'm still no better along. I'll probably hang tight and wait for 
an educated response for a little and then start hacking at things 
again... that's always worked in the past.

Best Regards,

Lawrence T. Levine
Direct: 434-531-5982

On Sat, 12 May 2007, Quentin Harley wrote:

> Lawrence T. Levine wrote:
>> Cop out. :)
> Hey... It wasn't always so easy.  64Studio came a very long way in the past 
> year.  I'm testing the distro for Daniel and Free, and this upcoming binary 
> release is something to look out for.  At least keep a "cop out" distro on a 
> separate partition to get your work done while you are playing with the tough 
> stuff in Red Hat...
> Besides, the distro is built on Debian (Proof that it can be done), and if 
> you really want to suffer, you could just comment out the 64studio 
> repositories :-D
> Good luck then.  I went though it (successfully I might add) more than a year 
> ago, when SMP and 64bit was still rumors for RT kernels.
> I must add however, that I like Free's recent kernels much better.
> Like hitting your face against a wall.  Only nice when you stop
> Quentin
>> Best Regards,

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