[ardour-dev] Project proposal for Ardour

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Tue May 8 00:28:57 PDT 2007

Quoting Davide Girlando <dado2_714 at yahoo.it>:

> Hello everyone, I've been a Summer of Code applicant, Paul might remember
> my application. It was a pitch-to-MIDI precision conversion and a
> MIDI-based auto-tuning, aimed at getting the tune off an audio part,
> might it be vocal or instrumental, and correct it by moving MIDI notes
> and pitch-shifting commands (something like what Melodyne does, but
> inside Ardour and with MIDI) or with parametrized commands (maximum pitch
> offset, etc.). Paul commented it was good but beat detection had priority
> (and then neither was done as a SoC project, maybe because of the lack of
> available projects). I would like to carry on this project nevertheless,
> and I already got it accepted as two University projects (the
> pitch-tracking and auto-tuning parts separately). I'll have tutors from
> my University helping me understand which are the best algorithms and how
> to implement them; all I need is someone patient enough to give me all
> the directions to make it compatible with Ardour (libraries
>  needed, objects and methods to be used, etc.). Keep in mind that I'm new
> to C++, although I'm a strong believer that the best way to learn things
> is by doing them.
> Thanks to anyone replying to this.

Welcome aboard! The best way to get involved is to install an irc client and
point it towards irc.freenode.net/6667 #ardour .

All the developers are on the channel (yes, we do have lives but they
revolve around Ardour ;) ). It's the quickest way to get an answer to a
question and it's the best place to discuss matters as the round-trip-time
is much closer to normal speech than email.

You will probably find ardour a huge leap as you are not familiar with C++.
I was not familiar with C++ either when I started work on Ardour. While C++
can be really C-like, Ardour is not. We use a lot of advanced features like

Don't let this discourage you though. From what I understood from your
email, what you are proposing to do is much more suited as a plugin instead
of hacking it into ardour itself.


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