[ardour-dev] Project proposal for Ardour

Davide Girlando dado2_714 at yahoo.it
Tue May 8 00:20:23 PDT 2007

Hello everyone, I've been a Summer of Code applicant, Paul might remember my application. It was a pitch-to-MIDI precision conversion and a MIDI-based auto-tuning, aimed at getting the tune off an audio part, might it be vocal or instrumental, and correct it by moving MIDI notes and pitch-shifting commands (something like what Melodyne does, but inside Ardour and with MIDI) or with parametrized commands (maximum pitch offset, etc.). Paul commented it was good but beat detection had priority (and then neither was done as a SoC project, maybe because of the lack of available projects). I would like to carry on this project nevertheless, and I already got it accepted as two University projects (the pitch-tracking and auto-tuning parts separately). I'll have tutors from my University helping me understand which are the best algorithms and how to implement them; all I need is someone patient enough to give me all the directions to make it compatible with Ardour (libraries
 needed, objects and methods to be used, etc.). Keep in mind that I'm new to C++, although I'm a strong believer that the best way to learn things is by doing them.
Thanks to anyone replying to this.


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