[ardour-dev] Ready to go...!

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Mar 14 12:03:49 PDT 2007

After many trials & tribulations I'm delighted to say that I've finally
found a version of Linux that I'm happy with..!  I've been using OpenSuse
10.2 for about 3-4 weeks now and it seems to work pretty well with all my
hardware.  It's also much more stable than my previous choice (Ubuntu).
I've installed the JackLab stuff too.

I'm just finishing off another small project - but within the next 2 weeks
or so, I hope to be able to revisit AAF importing for Ardour.  I'm not sure
exactly which requirements I've currently got installed.  I might already
have gcc/g++ but probably not anything like python, libtool, lrdf etc.  I
might log onto iRC tomorrow if I need a hand installing any of the libs.

One more question - for convenience, I installed my Ardour source code
branch on a shared partition (shared between Linux & Windows).  Is this
likely to cause any problems?  I've discovered that quite a few things which
run under Linux seem to expect to be in particular directories.  I'm
assuming it doesn't make any difference for source code though..?


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