[ardour-dev] Opening 0.99.3 session files in 2beta11.1?

John Anderson ardour at semiosix.com
Fri Mar 9 01:54:18 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 20:57 +0100, Christophe Combelles wrote:
> Yesterday I've tried to start a recording session with beta11.1 and it crashed 3 
> times in 10 minutes, after 30 seconds of recording. I was obliged to return to 0.99.
> That's a pity because everything works well, including the BCF-2000, and I have 
> no latency problem.
> I've however been able to record during several hours with beta8. At the time, 
> the BCF-2000 did not work. Maybe this is the culprit. I did not have time to 
> investigate yet.

If you were using the Mackie driver (which I wrote) for the bcf, I'd be
interested to hear what you find.


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