[Ardour-Dev] Trying to use the Ardour library outside of Ardour

Mark Jones mdjones0978-ardour at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 21:39:42 PDT 2007

I'm trying to build a renderer for Ardour projects.  I'm wanting to come up with something that
will render part of a project into a wav file.  Then when invoked a little later, render the next
part, and so on and so forth.  Then I want to merge the resulting wav files into one wav file.  My
plan is to render around the start and stop points and find a place where they wav files sync up
(so that effects and the like don't make for bad clicks and pops and whatever else my go wrong
with a bad start/stop point).

Also, I'm rendering down from 48KHz to 44.1 and from many channels to stereo.

I've got part of the code done, but it seems like I keep running into roadblocks.  This last
roadblock I've run up against is when_engine_running() which just seems to sit there waiting for
something (I'll figure out what tomorrow, after some sleep)

I'm just wondering if I'm going at this all wrong.  My problem is I need to be through rendering
to stereo very soon after mixing and I'm still working on mixing while all this rendering is going
on.  So the plan of rendering (on another machine) while mixing on this machine seemed like the
only way to get the job done.  I need the apects of Ardour to do the mixdown, because I've got
fades and effects and everything else that I need to play into the actual render.

Any ideas on where to start with this?  I don't see how to render on the same machine because of
the Jack issues (freewheeling while exporting, realtime while mixing)

Mark Jones

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