[Ardour-Dev] PATCH: to build 2.0-ongoing on FC3

Don Fredricks ardour at handsfull.net
Tue Jul 31 07:52:25 PDT 2007

It may be that I'm the only one having problems building 2.0-ongoing on
FC3. Or it may be that I'm the only one still using FC3. But a week or two
ago, I found that I was no longer able to build 2.0-ongoing. The error
message was this:

libs/ardour/ardour/automation_event.h:154: error: cannot convert
‘ARDOUR::ControlEvent’ to ‘ARDOUR::ControlEvent*’ in return

I believe the root cause of the error is a slightly broken STL in FC3's
version of g++. The attached patch, against rev 2195, works around that

Naturally, the most effective solution would be to upgrade to a less
fossilized distro. I'll get there. When *I* feel like it. If I wanted to
go through forced upgrades every couple of years, I'd stick with Windows.

To apply:

% cd .../2.0-ongoing
% patch -p 0 -i /path/to/patchfile

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