[ardour-dev] U.I. comments

Raphaël Doursenaud rdoursenaud at free.fr
Tue Jul 17 04:59:44 PDT 2007

In ardour2.0-ongoing SVNr2137, the pane for groups, tracks ... is on the
right side in the main view and the left side in the mixer view. It
would be highly preferred that both be on the same side.
In these same panes, buttons to create groups are not in the same order
("+" then "-" in the main view and "-" then "+" in the mixer view).
Next, the popup menu handling plugins parameters is a little bit
cluttered and harsh to use. I'd prefer to have frequently used entries
on top. I think the following order : "Edit/Activation
functions/Selections/Rename/CopyPaste/Add/Remove" would be better. I
know I can access edition by double clicking but putting useful
operations in front of the user is preferred.
And finally I love the rule "One function->One single name". The fact
that "Activate" in the plugins menu and "Bypass" in the edition window
does the same thing breaks this rule. Would be wise to find a common set.
These are my comments for today, I hope you'll react to these and we'll
all find more room for improvement to create the best DAW.
I'll comment later on the others functionalities as I use them in my
projects. Keep up the great work.

Raphaël Doursenaud

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