[ardour-dev] feature request; Monitoring Instrument Audio while Recording its MIDI Note Data

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 08:41:11 PDT 2007


This is mostly for David R. Disclaimer: the request is
either A, early B, late or C, just in time...your the
judge. :)

Monitoring Instrument Audio while Recording its MIDI
Note Data
This is a request to have record enabled sequencer
tracks turn off, or mute, the MIDI output port. The
idea is two fold; A, prevent the sequencer from
sending data that's being recorded back to the source
instrument which causes an audible slapback and B, use
the instruments audio outputs for low latency

Not sending sequencer data through the record enabled
MIDI track output is superior to the standard solution
where a musician turns off Local Control by manually
paging through menus at the instrument because it's
automatic. Muting data output puts the engineer in
control and enables them to record audio and midi data
similtaneously with out interrupting the flow of a
session. Musicans need to focus on their performance
and not monitoring issues or anything else. Leaving
Local Control on at the instrument is similar in idea
and the equivalent of low latency hardware monitoring.

To the best of my knowledge, limited in the sequencing
realm, there is no drawback to this method. It is much
less disruptive to the flow of a session than the
Local Control On/Off solution. It's hard to imagine
why it's not being done this way in the couple
sequencers I've been exploring.


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