[ardour-dev] Patch: Crossfade-Editor: added default shape, less clicks

Markus Schwarzenberg schwarzb at ipms.fraunhofer.de
Sun Jan 21 23:32:52 PST 2007


this patch adds two tiny features I'm sometimes missing when
working extensively on editing crossfades:

* adds the default crossfade shape, which is used when xfades
  are generated initially, to the presets (Fade In/Out buttons)

* All preset buttons are always sensitive. This obsoletes the
  (for me annoying) additional click on the Fade In / Fade Out button
  when one iteratively tries to find the most appropriate preset
  combination for both fades.
  The "Fade Out"/"Fade In" buttons and curves are selected accordingly
  when a preset button is clicked.

xpm files for the default xfade curves are included, however I'm not
sure whether they will be installed correctly with scons install.


Markus Schwarzenberg

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