[ardour-dev] Bug Report-Soundfile Browser

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 19:52:28 PDT 2006

Hey, testing out the new Beta on my workstation very nice work on the 
GUI thus far, but a minor, though annoying bug has popped up for me.  
Namely that in the soundfile browser, if I have only created a new 
session, or opened and existing empty one, and go to import audio into 
it, the auditioner of the soundfile browser does not work.

To add on to that, if I then import an audio track into the session, and 
then attempt again to use the auditioner of the soundfile browser, it 
plays the audio I have already imported, no matter what soundfile I may 
be trying to audition that is not in the session.  So I think it may be 
looking for the file in the wrong place, obviously this significantly 
slows down the workflow working around this;)

I was VERY happy to find FLAC supported though natively, I am going to 
enjoy that myself as I have a significant sound library in FLAC on my 
HD.  I would ask if it might be possible to search in the soundfile 
browser though as many soundfiles I have came from a CD collection where 
there were multiple effects on a single track, but might be seperated by 
some time, and in order to hear the last one to see if it is what I 
want, I have to listen to the entire track again, or import it, either 
of which take time.

Going to be working with this on my project I am working on currently, 
so I will of course report bugs as I find them, thank you again for the 
hard work and effort, the software is only getting better and it is 
already very nice.


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