[ardour-dev] [ardour-users] Ardour Sync Options ?

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Mon Nov 20 12:30:46 PST 2006

Dan Tepper wrote:
> One more thing - earlier in the same project I recorded other tracks 
> staring from "0" that did not disappear after recording and those tracks 
> align properly. the "disappearing tracks after record" is something I've 
> seen before and I know I've seen it mentioned here too. Also, it seems 
> that once the disappearing starts in a given project, any subsequent 
> tracks I add exhibit the same behavior and problems.

I have no clue about the vanishing, but the frame-offset is due to the
 jack/ardour latency compensation.

I once experienced similar odd behavior: time-shifts by buffer-size when
bypassing Plugins during playback, but I could not reliably reproduce
the problem.

Did it start after changing the Plugin or bus-setup ?


> Dan Tepper wrote:
>> i have 0.100 - but am downlaoding latest as i type.
>> but here's the odd thing .. i am able to reproduce the problem:
>> if i record an overdub starting at position 0 - the recorded track 
>> vanishes when i hit stop. If i drag that recorded track from the list 
>> and drop it back in the channel, sliding it carefully all the way to 
>> position 0, the track will be off by the precise amount of latency JACK 
>> is set to (testing @ 4096 frames) ie if i remove some of the head of the 
>> track and bump it forward by 4096 it lines up.
>> However - in the same project - same track, if i start recording at any 
>> point ahead of '0', the track does not disappear after recording and is 
>> properly aligned to the background track.

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