[ardour-dev] Building ardour for a VIA Samuel 2

Forest Bond forest at alittletooquiet.net
Tue May 9 13:26:13 PDT 2006

On Mon, May 08, 2006 at 10:50:38PM +0100, Steve Fosdick wrote:
> If I try to build ardour2 on a system which uses the VIA Samuel 2, 
> scons detects this as a varient of i686 but then warns that it does 
> not support SSE instructions.
> Even if I hack the SConstruct file and comment out the line that sets 
> the flag BUILD_SSE_OPTIMIZATIONS it still generates an executable that 
> crashes with an 'illegal instruction' signal.


This is actually a gcc bug.  It assumes that all i686 processors support 
the optional CMOV instruction.  See here (just a description of the 


You need to compile with -march i586 to force gcc to do the right thing 
there.  But that is, most likely, the source of your "illegal 
instruction" problem.

Incidentally, I work for a mini-ITX company, and that is probably the 
only reason I know this, since I don't own a board with a Samuel 2: 

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