[ardour-dev] Building ardour for a VIA Samuel 2

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon May 8 15:14:04 PDT 2006

Steve Fosdick wrote:

>If I try to build ardour2 on a system which uses the VIA Samuel 2, scons detects this as a varient of i686 but then warns that it does not support SSE instructions.
>Even if I hack the SConstruct file and comment out the line that sets the flag BUILD_SSE_OPTIMIZATIONS it still generates an executable that crashes with an 'illegal instruction' signal.
>I could build ardour for i383, I guess, but this processor isn't exactly the fastest thing so I'd like to use any optimisation that would actually work.  The kernel reports the CPU as:
Hi Steve:

  I had the same problem building for a Duron CPU. Try:

    scons DIST_TARGET=none



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