[ardour-dev] new ardour web site

timg timg at expressmart.com
Mon May 1 06:02:03 PDT 2006

Jesse Chappell wrote:

>On 5/1/06, Thomas Vecchione <seablaede at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>Thanks, we moved it to ardour.org/files/releases/  btw...
>Yes, apparently we turned off directory listings for this URL.  Should
>we turn it back on?  Taybin, Paul?
YES Please.


>>Hmm out of curiosity... where can we look for it now?  Have time to do
>>some more testing and bug reporting on the alpha/CVS of Ardour2, but
>>that link no longer comes up with anything really useful, just a Page
>>Not Found.
>See the second link in the first section.  This page is linked to from
>the main download page, but you have to actually read it carefully. 
>Another example where our penchant for verbosity causes issues.
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