[ardour-dev] HDSP firmware upgrade question

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Tue May 2 17:50:24 PDT 2006

   Am I correct in thinking that there would likely be no Linux
support for my HDSP 9652 if I did a firmware upgrade? Has any work
been done on the drive in the last year or so to support this?

   My kid got a game for his birthday that requires a good graphics
adapter. It turns out the only machine in the house with something
good enough is my AMD64 machine that runs Gentoo and does Ardour, so
I've set up to dual boot Win XP. That's all up and running fine, so
this evening I downloaded the most current drivers from RME's website.
After installing them they informed me I have to upgrade my firmware
to use them.

   My plan is to go find an older driver somewhere tomorrow that will
run with the current firmware unless anyone out there knows specially
that the new firmware is supported.

   I understand the Ardour lists are probably not the best places to
ask about this but since Paul is here and I haven't seen anything of
Thomas Charbonnel in decades, please excuse me asking where it seems
most reasonable.


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