[ardour-dev] Broadcast wav corruptions?

Dig Mig digmig at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 9 04:28:27 PST 2006

I have another problem with .wav. Recorded 8track session(120min) in windows
on a borrowed laptop couple of weeks ago. 5Tracks are perfectly readable, 3
have the same problem: audio seems to loop in a 5-second-rythm. Can't use
them at all, tried a lot. Tried to read them as raw data with different
parameters, no chage.
I remember I had this problem 2 years ago, but no solution either.
Any clues? Where can I post a snippet?



p.s.: I will be at LAC next month, and I live in Karlsruhe. Who of you will
be there too?

As an aside, I just finished implementing RIFX support in libsndfile
> and will submit the patch to Erik shortly.  This will allow ardour
> (and everyone else) to import/export RIFX WAV files.

This is good.
Great Tool!
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