[ardour-dev] A couple of ideas

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Jun 24 01:10:34 PDT 2006

Stuart Tarbuck wrote:
>> 3: Automation gain nodes stick with region. It's heartwrenching to
>> realise that automation gain settings I spent a fair amount of time on
>> are completely screwed when I move a region even just a little.
>> Especially if it I realise 50 edits after the fact...
> Patrick,
> I'd second that! I've been meaning to get started with Ardour (Mac OSX) 
> after working on a SADiE workstation for many years. It's a fantastic 
> editor and that is one of the things I love about SADiE. They call it 
> "clip-based automation"- the automation settings travel with the "clip", 
> even if the clip is edited, ie adjusting in- or out- points. (Another 
> very strong feature of SADiE is that I can burn CDs right out of the 
> playlist without resorting to Toast or whatever. Group the edits, hit 
> one button and the PQ markers are dropped in at the beginning of each 
> group; choose the destination device- CD or DDP - and click "Burn" and 
> off you go. And if you need to move the PQ's globally, you can move one 
> and have it adjust every PQ beyond that one.)
> :)

I'm pretty sure the cdrecord functionality is already scheduled into the 
features list.

Also, Ardour does have region based automation already. The gain 
settings for that feature do move with the region.

IMO the automation gain is easier to use which is why I ask here before 
posting to mantis.


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