[ardour-dev] region export headers

Juan Aboites jaboit at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 09:35:03 PDT 2006

I should've mentioned that I'm on OSX 10.3 with 99.3

>What parameters did you use to export? Did you export them to 16 bit or

    I tried both 16 bit and float wav formats

>what does sndfile-info say about the exported files? if it understands
>them, them i am afraid that we have to point the finger at PD.

    Yes, I have now discovered that not only are the files recognized by
both the Finder's
      file-info function and other applications (iTunes, Cog, Audacity), but
that PD is actually
      reading them, albeit in a low volume, garbled and all-around messed-up
way. This is
      strange though, since I've never had problems with this aspect of PD

 Anyway, thanks again

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