[ardour-dev] Problems with NLS in ardour2

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Jul 31 17:59:36 PDT 2006

if i try enabling NLS support in ardour2, everything builds ok, but when 
it comes to 'sudo scons install', it fails with this error:

po_builder(["libs/ardour/it_IT.po"], ["libs/ardour/po/it_IT.po", 
Updating libs/ardour/it_IT.po
msgmerge: libs/ardour/it_IT.po: warning: Charset missing in header.
                                          Message conversion to user's 
charset will not work.
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:10:2: parse error
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:10: keyword "mine" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:14: keyword "r670" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:314:2: parse error
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:314: keyword "mine" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:320: keyword "r670" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:324:2: parse error
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:324: keyword "mine" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:328: keyword "r670" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1954:2: parse error
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1954: keyword "mine" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1958: keyword "r670" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1962:2: parse error
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1962: keyword "mine" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1966: keyword "r670" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1971:2: parse error
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1971: keyword "mine" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1975: keyword "r670" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1981:2: parse error
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1981: keyword "mine" unknown
libs/ardour/it_IT.po:1985: keyword "r670" unknown
msgmerge: found 21 fatal errors
scons: *** [libs/ardour/it_IT.po] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.


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