[ardour-dev] shots of qjackctl with ardour/jamin at work together...

Peter Baumgartner peter at bssmusic.de
Sat Jan 28 01:04:47 PST 2006

Reuben Martin schrieb:

>On 1/27/06, Sampo Savolainen <v2 at iki.fi> wrote:
>>On the other hand, Jan was suggesting that this way you can do mastering
>>_while_ you are mixing. I never do that, so I don't have experience with
>>that sort of setups. I first mix each song to float wav's and create a new
>>session with one stereo track per song, "embed" the wavs (import without
>>copying the huge files in vain) and create the jamin insert in that session.
>I usually usually find that I like the sound better when I used
>multiple instances of Jamin as inserts for sub-busses. For instance I
>will send the instruments mixdown to one bus, and the vocal mixdown to
>another bus, both with different instaces of jamin as inserts and then
>route those to the master bus. I find I can maintain better separation
>of the vocals from the rest of the mix (and get a better overall
>sound) when I master groups separately. Sometimes I use other
>sub-busses for drums, fx, or whatever with jamin as an insert. I'll
>usually run the master-bus output through jamin again for some
>additional slight adjustments.
>I usually don't start using jamin though till I have the sub groups
>mixed the way I like, so I use Jamin about half way though the mixing
>process. Becareful though, you can over-do it really quick this way if
>you are too agressive.
Hm, if I understand right, what You have in mind is creating rooms by
adding the same virtual room over and over and placing the sources in
differtent places of that room? That´s the way I have done it for
several years in Cubase or Nuendo. Certainly a good idea, but that part
is definitely not mastering, it´s part of the mix itself.
The problem might be, that the ladspa plugins have not yet reached the
sound quality and usability of a Trueverb or TC-verb, where you can
easily create a room with one wooden- and one brickwall with a carpet on
the floor instead of guessing some kind of reverb-room-don´t-know with
one or two sliders.
That are the main reasons, why I´m playing with, but not yet using
ardour and it´s companions in a production environment in this stage of

-Sorry for the PM, Reuben, I used Thunderbird and simlpy hit "reply" ;-)


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