[ardour-dev] ultra-preliminary alpha ardour2 tarball release available

Chris Ross chris at tebibyte.org
Thu Jan 12 07:23:41 PST 2006

Paul Davis escreveu:
> it sounds to me as though you have never run ardour before. in which
> case, i strongly recommend that you avoid testing ardour2. 

I think you could have been perhaps a little less rude, but I assume 
that's just how it looks in email and not take it personally. For 
context: I've been using Ardour since at least 2003 (the earliest email 
I spotted at a quick glance) and I'm listed in both the CONTRIBUTORS and 
the TRANSLATORS file of the very alpha ardour2 tarball we're talking 
about. Anyway...

> ardour will never complain about not being able to connect to JACK
> unless:

I had already said JACK really wasn't running, I was logged from several 
miles away and there was someone else on the console at the time. For 
the purposes of answering your request that wasn't important:

You wrote:

	Your help is needed to
         1) identify problems with the release tarball
               - can you build it?
               - can you install the program?
               - can you run the program?

I confirmed it does build on SuSE 10.0, with everything it requires 
being available on the install DVD; it does install; it does run at 
least as far as falling over when it found Jack wasn't running. I also 
said I can test it properly, moving onto your section 2, this evening 
when I am at the machine itself.

> if you have run ardour before on this machine, ardour2 is not going to
> behave (in this particular respect) any differently AFAIK.

Well, Ardour 1 doesn't segfault if JACK isn't running. That's different.


Chris R.

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