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>> Thanks again Wolfgang, this post will close now, regarding the VNC 
>> question.
>   [ ... ]
>> But this has cleared up the confusion on the discussion for me, regarding
>> the absence of gain available to the VNC.   If the hardware provides 
>> remote
>> gain and Ardour can locate it, the VNC would also have access to remotely
>> trim gain, otherwise, it's done locally with screwdriver like the good 
>> old
>> days. ;-)
> I repeat what another poster said: why on *earth* are you talking about
> VNC? Ardour can be run with its display on another machine without VNC.
> VNC is technology to provide remote control to an entire desktop via a
> hack. X Window is a technology to separate the display from the
> computational engine and is absolutely not a hack. Forget VNC. FreeNX,
> which is vaguely X related, is definitely worth looking at, but its
> benefits would not really be apparent in this situation, i think.
> I repeat, and will keep repeating, forget VNC, just use X the way it was
> intended to be used.
> --p

Good point and thank you Paul.  I think we kind of drifted off into the 
theoretical "so what" domain.  Yes I run an X server on my linux 
application, across at least 3 terminals and asside from some crappy 
artifacts on rare occassion, it's darn reliable.  I use VNC on my windows 
machines and it sucks.   The term VNC was being used generically to explain 
the remoting as the topic digressed and got split.

We're beat to death on this dead horse, given your very accurate last bullet 
and again I thank you that X windows will be the appropriate remote 
application and if gain settings are available to Ardour, per the 
configuration, the remote stations would access that setting, like any 

Let me not waste any more Devel realestate on this and again, thank you Paul 
for that bump.


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