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Perhaps it might make sense to use VNC to accomplish this.  It could be
less expensive than buying a snake.  A VNC machine at FOH and a monster
Linux or OSX box onstage with a hammerfall 96/52 or something could do
well.  The question you get into, if you have RME hardware is whether is
makes sense to use Ardour when you have the HDSP mixer.  Ardour,
obviously has EFX, but the HDSP mixer can get you zero latency.  Any
thoughts on this, folks?

It is important to note that you will not be able to adjust the gain of
your A/D from FOH using VNC or with a digital snake, though you could
save lots in hardware costs.  Also, if you're like most engineers,
you'll want lots of channels of compression on the mic signals.  I
haven't found an A/D that has an insert yet, so unless you are using an
analog board with inserts for a mic pre, the ADA8000 is quite limiting.
Of course you could just set the gains really low and use Ardour for
compression, but you might have noise issues if you have to boost the
gain too much.

Another interesting option would be to use a control surface in
conjunction with VNC and a long MIDI run.  Is Jack over the network
working with Linux?  OSX has a MIDI network option in core MIDI so maybe
Ardour and OSX/Controler with VNC over WIFI could be cool.  For that
matter, if we're looking at VNC and Ardour on OSX, the earlier MOTU
stuff, like the 2401 MK1 and a 1224 with the PCI 424 and a couple
ADA8000s will give you what you need for not too much bread.  It should
be noted that Ardour for OSX, while working great on my machine is still
slightly not quite ready for prime time as the MIDI is somewhat
difficult to get working and you have to run it on X11, though 2.0 will
fix this, I hope.

Also, I've researched installing a touch screen to run ardour.  They
tend to get pricey, but could be great as I'm leery of mousing around in
a club.

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"Urbansound" <urbansound at sbcglobal.net>:
> My desire is to consider Ardour in a live, 32 channel, audio control
> system in a small entertainment house, extending real inputs as low
> impedance XLR type microphone inputs and high impedance instrument
> inputs.  The output side would be 4 channels out to discrete monitor
> channels and 3 channels main output to main amp, (main = Left/Right,
> plus sub-woofer).

Related to the aspect of getting audio signals from stage to FOH-mixer: 
AudioRail transport audio long-distance over ethernet. Their ADAT 
version allows for cheap AD and ADAT-outs on stage (ADA8000), cheap 
transport medium (Cat.5) and fairly cheap ADAT-ins at FOH.

http://audiorail.home.comcast.net/ (Home)
http://www.audiorail.com/ar_app.pdf ("AudioRail application example: 
Being deployed in live sound reinforcement")

Then there's MADI (64 channels long-distance over coaxial or fiber) 
which reads somewhat cool to me but it gets nastily expensive. The only 
cheap thing here would be the cable.
RME has MADI stuff (http://www.rme-audio.com/english/madi/hdspmadi.htm) 
and there are ALSA drivers for it.


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