[ardour-dev] Live Mixdown

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jan 12 05:58:56 PST 2006

> Thanks again Wolfgang, this post will close now, regarding the VNC question.
   [ ... ]
> But this has cleared up the confusion on the discussion for me, regarding 
> the absence of gain available to the VNC.   If the hardware provides remote 
> gain and Ardour can locate it, the VNC would also have access to remotely 
> trim gain, otherwise, it's done locally with screwdriver like the good old 
> days. ;-)

I repeat what another poster said: why on *earth* are you talking about
VNC? Ardour can be run with its display on another machine without VNC.
VNC is technology to provide remote control to an entire desktop via a
hack. X Window is a technology to separate the display from the
computational engine and is absolutely not a hack. Forget VNC. FreeNX,
which is vaguely X related, is definitely worth looking at, but its
benefits would not really be apparent in this situation, i think.

I repeat, and will keep repeating, forget VNC, just use X the way it was
intended to be used.


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