[ardour-dev] Live Mixdown

Urbansound urbansound at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 11 05:30:31 PST 2006

Hello, Devel Team,

I have recently began looking at Ardour and it seems to be a very robust 
development.  Thank you to all those who have made this development 
available.  I post here as some of the question may be better suited than 
the users list.

I am an electronics and software novice only; a musician interested in live 
and post production.

My desire is to consider Ardour in a live, 32 channel, audio control system 
in a small entertainment house, extending real inputs as low impedance XLR 
type microphone inputs and high impedance instrument inputs.  The output 
side would be 4 channels out to discrete monitor channels and 3 channels 
main output to main amp, (main = Left/Right, plus sub-woofer).

(1) There are several XLR multi-channel vendors, but I wonder even if I find 
Linux drivers for these input cards, would "Jack" still be able to carry 
them to Ardour, (a question for Jack, I know),  if others may have 
experience here?  And same of course for output modules to main and support 
amplifiers. ?

(2) Is there anyone using Ardour in such a live setting or even studio, as 

(3) If so, can a reference be made that we might communicate by email with 
someone using the system at these levels presently? Ardour appears to be 
approaching some nicely stable levels of operation, according to list 
conversations.  As such, if we can iron out a reliable application, a 
significant example of Ardour would emerge and I would tend to contribute 
help in the docs and list responses long term, providing both live and post 
operating feed on the web, that others could investigate, citing Ardour as 
the heart of the system.

Thank you in advance.  Any further list submissions, I will keep short.



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