[ardour-dev] MTC-master solved with current kernels?

Markus Hein mahein at frisurf.no
Fri Feb 24 11:38:42 PST 2006

hi all,

I'm also interested in syncing via mtc. ardour would be my choice as 
master-machine, but i found some problems, using mtc.

Now i have done my third test in using  the 'jack-set' 
(ardour,seq24,rosegarden and a external synth) on a current debian-sid 
MTC doesn't work at all...

Last time a tested in summer 2005 and my first test for in 2004. MTC never 
worked. I wonder why ?

Today i read a little bit in the mtc spec. and it looks for me that 
implementation should go straight forward but it isn't. Is ther some 
technical issue for this, or is the simple answer that syncing via MTC isn't 
requested by other users ?

I would be glad if  i could find a proper way for syncing my machines...

Mayby very helpful could be a link to a description, how to sync multiple 
machines running a typical jack-set.

Thanks, markus

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