[ardour-dev] Now I remeber

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed Feb 15 15:06:36 PST 2006

D R Holsbeck <drh at niptron.com>:

> If youre interested heres q quick cut from last night. This
> is really raw, no polish yet.
> http://www.niptron.com/etajames.mp3
> DuWayne

Whoa, whoa. Good tracking. Great singer, by the time she goes 
"my lo-o-ove has come along" I'm already hers. As you mention 
the sax mic: sounds a bit like the sax is being played rather 
wet in the pianissimo accomp, it's good in the solo. Unique 
bass style, those damped, short notes, cool.

Awesome recording. I want to know every single detail about 
the setup, puleeze :)


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