[ardour-dev] problems with SSE code for x86_64

Per Sigmond per at sigmond.no
Wed Feb 8 07:40:18 PST 2006

> "Esben Stien" <b0ef at esben-stien.name> writes:
>> allow dual licensing
> This is what I feared. My concern is that it would not attract as many
> contributors to the code as it would if it was a simple GPL
> project.

I contribute because I want an open source application that works. Also,
most contributions are too small (compared to the total) that a copyright
claim would be reasonable. It's nice to be listed as contributor though

> This also hinders the use of all the wonderful code out there
> under the GPL license, since all code shipped with ardour will have to
> be compatible with this dual license scheme. This will hinder ardour
> making use of powerful code already available under the GPL.

Jack and ladspa fixes most of this.

> Free software developers, in general, in my opinion, don't fancy the
> idea of their contributions being used in proprietary software.

Dual license is not the same as proprietary. People will earn (or save) a
lot of money using ardour even if it is single GPL. It's the openness that
matters. We would still have that with dual license (if it ever comes to
that, I find it unlikely).

It is more dangerous to ardour if commercially motivated actors are scared
away. Ardour also needs commercial actors if it is to hit (closer to)
mainstream. If it does, it will benefit all of us.

Best regards,
Per Sigmond

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