[ardour-dev] problems with SSE code for x86_64

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Wed Feb 8 10:41:08 PST 2006

"Per Sigmond" <per at sigmond.no> writes:

> I contribute because I want an open source application that works. 

This model don't serve us, in my opinion. By choosing this model, you
refuse to cooperate with f.ex a GPL project. This means that a GPL
project cannot be present as a critical module for a functioning

> most contributions are too small 

There is a chance that this will change. 

> Jack and ladspa fixes most of this.

It's great that we already agree that it hurts us, but ardour cannot
depend on a gpl module to function, so we cannot choose an existing
free software module that would otherwise fit us perfect.

> Dual license is not the same as proprietary.


> People will earn (or save) a lot of money using ardour

That is not my primary concern as it's the freedom I value. 

Just look at asterisk or the numerous other projects that choose to go
this path. People are scared away by the process of signing off their
copyright. Projects like these are willing to use a less capable
library or develop their own, instead of using existing and more
capable GPL libraries.

> It is more dangerous to ardour if commercially motivated actors are
> scared away.

You mean like not being allowed to use the ardour code base in
proprietary software?. If commercial actors can't see the economic
potential in the free software model, then they are in the wrong
business, in my opinion.

> Ardour also needs commercial actors if it is to hit (closer to)
> mainstream. If it does, it will benefit all of us.

Things will definitely go faster if Paul and others can work full time
on their dream child, but I won't trade that for the hassle of dual

I will be quiet about this subject as we're very off topic now, but I
hope this policy will be thoroughly thought through in the best
interest of the community surrounding it.

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