[ardour-dev] problems with SSE code for x86_64

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Wed Feb 8 07:41:08 PST 2006

Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> writes:

> allow dual licensing 

This is what I feared. My concern is that it would not attract as many
contributors to the code as it would if it was a simple GPL
project. This also hinders the use of all the wonderful code out there
under the GPL license, since all code shipped with ardour will have to
be compatible with this dual license scheme. This will hinder ardour
making use of powerful code already available under the GPL.

The LGPL is only meant to be used for libraries and really should not
be used as the license for an entire application, in my opinion and in
the opinion of the Free Software Foundation.

Code, where you are required to give away your copyright, is a very
dangerous affair, in my opinion and I think it will scare away many
future contributors, as is happening with current projects released in
the same manner, such as asterisk.

> commercial involvement 

I have nothing against commercial involvement, but I fear that this
will involve a dual license scheme. 

> big plus [..] that the copyright situation is simple. 

It's also the greatest danger if you suddenly state that newer code
will be proprietary or that you will have a dual license scheme where
you will be able to use ardour codebase under a proprietary license.

Free software developers, in general, in my opinion, don't fancy the
idea of their contributions being used in proprietary software.

Please bear with me my concern. 

We should rather have ardour GPL'ed and infect it with as many
copyrights as possible to make sure that the code stays free, in my

You can also sign the copyright over to the FSF, something which you
mentioned once you wanted to do. This will still hinder some
contributors because of the extra effort in signing over the
copyright, but you will rest assured that all future code added to the
code base will remain free and that you can use all the functionality
centric code in GPL libraries, which is where some of the power of
free software lies.

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