[ardour-dev] Google summer of code 2006

merwan at altern.org merwan at altern.org
Mon Apr 24 03:34:19 PDT 2006

>> like to participate in the development of midi tracks in Ardour as a SOC
>> project but I'm not sure I have the skills to do that. So, I'd like to
>> have your views about two things :
>> What is your estimated difficulty for this project ?
>> What would you expect to be done by the end of the project ?
> I've looked in to it somewhat..
> I think the realistic goal would be to have MIDI recording and playback,
> but with no editing in the GUI or anything (ie just displaying an empty
> region box).  You may also need to do some minor work with Jack MIDI if
> you encounter problems there.
> It's doable, but whoever does it is definitely going to have to put in
> full time to get it done within the SoC timeframe.

Actually, I'm not sure I'll be able to work on it full time so it seems
that I'm not the best person to work on this. Just take it on Dave !
Anyway, I'm still interested into contributing to Ardour development. What
would be the best way to start getting my hands into Ardour code ?
Probably correcting minor bugs ?


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