[ardour-dev] Freeze

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Apr 6 11:52:26 PDT 2006

"Stephen West" <stephenwest1 at lineone.net>:

> There is just a GVerb effect added. Before freeze the track
> plays perfectly but when I freeze it there
> is lots of distortion that sound like clipping. When I
> unfreeze it again, it goes back to normal.
> If I remove the GVerb and then freeze, then the track is
> undistorted. I've tried this in Alpha2 and 0.99-2
> and it happens in both.

Doesn't happen with ardour 0.99 (built using 1.0.0 with 
libardour 0.901.2 and GCC version 3.3.1 (SuSE Linux) and 
gverb_1216.so from swh-plugins-0.4.13, freeze/unfreeze work 


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