[ardour-dev] bad behaviour of the varispeed ? (I'm asking before mantising)

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Fri Sep 30 12:04:16 PDT 2005


I believe the behaviour of the varispeed is wrong,
but before adding this to the mantis, I'm first asking here :

- select the varispeed behaviour to : "sprung"
- start the playback
- by moving the varispeed the playing speed can be changed.
- when the varispeed is released, the speed comes back to 100%

Ok. Now:

- STOP the playback
- try moving the varispeed
- release the varispeed
=> The varispeed goes to 100% instead of returning to 0%

I think the varispeed should always return to its initial position,
when in "sprung" mode :
- if the transport was stopped, the varispeed must go back to speed=0%
- if the transport was playing, the varispeed must go back to speed=100%


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