[ardour-dev] Proposed editing mode, for users with heavy editing needs

AES_24_96 pipelineaudio at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 18 01:28:46 PDT 2005

I dont want to end up having to move two different things to make a playback 
and zoom center position. I too work with one hand on the keyboard and one on
the mouse.

We, our group of internet troublemakers, who all like different apps, do a
"click count" evertime a new app or a new version of an app comes out. 
We count clicks, keys and movement from one screen area to another, along
with any windowing required. If we find GIANT discrepancies, we try to post
in the forums of power users and have them confirm them. Often we find
shorter ways. SO far there are two apps, used to be just one, that stood
head and shoulders above the rest in the lack of clicks required. Sure
working fast isnt always the most important thing, but its worth knowing.
And it can be eye opening to see just how much a GUI has to do with
workflow. We should probably add ardour to the click count and see.
Nothing I propose would change ardour * IN ANY WAY * for the users who
like it as is.

Zip nada nothing

Just a different way of working for those used to less clicking around. 
There will be lots of people coming from windows, and also windows apps,
as Vista rears its ugly head. Count on it. Except for those windows users
coming from Mac apps such as cubendo and logic, they are used to a VERY
streamlined yet powerful user interface, which at first glance would appear
terribly too simple. For instance, the action of making a buss in ardour,
then assigning a channel postfader send to that bus, is unbeleivably time
consuming. It would take a move to the track header, a click on the pan
fader and a click on the send of your choice. Thats it. No add output extra
windows and all that such, in a few windows apps. Bonus, one more left 
click and one more right click would change it from postfader to prefader! 

We in this world, especially music types like to say everything is equal.
Religion, color, music, politics, whatever. But it inst always the case
with software. ALL software can be improved. Yet at the same time as the
improvement, the software can stay EXACTLY the same. You can have both
in one app

A few apps lately have supported "importing key preferences"

Sonar for example, changes keys and other factors to whatever app you
are used to working in. I dont think you have a problem with the keys 
part, I think you object to the "and other factors". Just don't switch
to it. No harm no foul, noone's forcing you.

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