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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Oct 16 06:37:07 PDT 2005

Dave Phillips hat gesagt: // Dave Phillips wrote:

>   Older editions of Moore's book have many errors that have been 
> corrected in the later editions. Also, it appears that the book is now 
> available only a a facsimile edition (at least that's how it appears on 
> Amazon). 

The facsimile is of the latest editioni AFAIK, so it shouldn't have
many errors anymore. At least I didn't find anything substantial in my
facsimile copy (but I'm not a real expert in finding errors in code

>   While I agree with Frank that EoCM is a classic, I would recommend 
> Dodge & Jerse's "Computer Music" first. Neither book is actually a 
> tutorial on writing audio applications, but I think Dodge's book is more 
> general. (Moore's book is something of an extended tutorial on his 
> cmusic language).

The advantage of EoCM is, that it containes and explaines huge amounts
of audio code in C (K&R unfortunatly), whereas the Dogge/Jerse
practically has no code inside except a bit regarding algorithmic
composition. EoCM is the only book I know, that really digs deep into
coding audio and music applications (if you don't want to jump
directly into one of the many DSP books). 

Granted, EoCM is an old book, it doesn't even contain the word
"granular" in its index, but for learning audio programming I can
really recommend it. And it's also very funny. Example: In a footnote
regarding the speed of sound in air Moore explains that normal dry air
generally consists of 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, etc. -
"except, perhaps, in Los Angeles" ;)

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