[ardour-dev] learning audio

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sun Oct 16 06:07:16 PDT 2005


  Older editions of Moore's book have many errors that have been 
corrected in the later editions. Also, it appears that the book is now 
available only a a facsimile edition (at least that's how it appears on 
Amazon). An error sheet was available (on the net?), I don't know its 
current status.

  While I agree with Frank that EoCM is a classic, I would recommend 
Dodge & Jerse's "Computer Music" first. Neither book is actually a 
tutorial on writing audio applications, but I think Dodge's book is more 
general. (Moore's book is something of an extended tutorial on his 
cmusic language).

  Anyway, IMO the best book on audio programming is the source code for 
Ardour, Hydrogen, Audacity, Snd, Csound, etc.



Frank Barknecht wrote:

>Gregorio Canelos hat gesagt: // Gregorio Canelos wrote:
>>  Pardon me if this is a novice question to ask on this list, but I 
>>would like to know of some recommended references to study audio 
>>application programming.   
>"Elements of Computer Music" by F. Richard Moore is a classic and a
>very enjoyable read. 

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