[ardour-dev] Re: Adding audio buses breaks alignment

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Fri Oct 7 02:03:00 PDT 2005

On Friday 07 October 2005 02:17, Mark Knecht wrote:

> > that way when people get used to it and it does
> > benefit them for the tracks not to be autoconnected, they can choose for
> > them not to be.  Actually isnt this an option when you are creating a new
> > session anyways?
> I don't remember, but I cannot recollect any option that stopped my
> tracks from being connected somewhere. However I've been using a
> couple of templates and really lose track myself.

There are two tabs in the create session window: location and configuration. 
You can set the autoconnect options for new tracks and buses in the 
configuration tab.
Maybe the tabs could be unified in a single dialog window, I often forget that 
the options are there because they are hidden.


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