[ardour-dev] Re: Adding audio buses breaks alignment

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 19:17:02 PDT 2005

On 10/6/05, seablade at softhome.net <seablade at softhome.net> wrote:
> > I'd even support that it was not done on track outputs either. While I
> > understand that in simple sessions it's nice to get audio right away
> > but it seems that none of my sessions are simple anymore and it only
> > causes me more work. If new users had to hook up a track to get audio
> > it would force them to learn more or use a template, both of which are
> > good things.
> Sorry ill pipe in on this one as I have been sitting in the background for a
> bit;)
> I would disagree with this for the reason of simplicity for newer users.
> Personally the autoconnection of the track outputs to master inputs makes
> things easier for me sometimes and harder for me at other times.  But
> especially when importing audio sound effects and such it is nice to be able
> to just place them in the track and go.
> But the main reason I disagree with this is for new users that may not be
> completly technically saavy and might need to take things one at a time.
> For instance I am now reccomending Ardour to those students using a Mac in a
> class I participate in as a good free alternative.  Most of these students
> would get scared away if they couldnt get audio by default when they make a
> new track.  Trust me I have to talk a lot of them through various things.

Yeah, I can see that. In my case almost nothing ever goes direct to
the master so I end up disconnecting every one of them, but that's OK.

> Now what I wouldnt be adverse to is the ability to change this through a
> global setting myself,

Yeah, that's probably a better solution.

> that way when people get used to it and it does
> benefit them for the tracks not to be autoconnected, they can choose for
> them not to be.  Actually isnt this an option when you are creating a new
> session anyways?

I don't remember, but I cannot recollect any option that stopped my
tracks from being connected somewhere. However I've been using a
couple of templates and really lose track myself.


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