[ardour-dev] Re: Adding audio buses breaks alignment

seablade at softhome.net seablade at softhome.net
Thu Oct 6 19:09:37 PDT 2005

> I'd even support that it was not done on track outputs either. While I
> understand that in simple sessions it's nice to get audio right away
> but it seems that none of my sessions are simple anymore and it only
> causes me more work. If new users had to hook up a track to get audio
> it would force them to learn more or use a template, both of which are
> good things.

Sorry ill pipe in on this one as I have been sitting in the background for a 

I would disagree with this for the reason of simplicity for newer users.  
Personally the autoconnection of the track outputs to master inputs makes 
things easier for me sometimes and harder for me at other times.  But 
especially when importing audio sound effects and such it is nice to be able 
to just place them in the track and go. 

But the main reason I disagree with this is for new users that may not be 
completly technically saavy and might need to take things one at a time.  
For instance I am now reccomending Ardour to those students using a Mac in a 
class I participate in as a good free alternative.  Most of these students 
would get scared away if they couldnt get audio by default when they make a 
new track.  Trust me I have to talk a lot of them through various things. 

Now what I wouldnt be adverse to is the ability to change this through a 
global setting myself, that way when people get used to it and it does 
benefit them for the tracks not to be autoconnected, they can choose for 
them not to be.  Actually isnt this an option when you are creating a new 
session anyways? 


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