[ardour-dev] playback model

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 15:59:38 PST 2005

On 11/7/05, Gregorio Canelos <gtc at email.arizona.edu> wrote:
>      Hello Everyone,
>         I have a general question about the model that is used in ardour to
>     play back regions in an audio track.  I'm not familiar with c++ so i'll
>     get lost if I try to discern high-level organization from the code
>     myself, so maybe some people can explain the model more generally.
>     To playback a single track with say 20 regions arranged throughout the
>     time line, does the track keep a playqueue of it's regions and play each
>     region when the correct time comes along?  How does the track get
>     informed when to write it's next region to the playback line? does the
>     track constantly watch the timer? Also, does a track have it's own thread?
>     Thanks,
>      Gregorio

For starters, read at the following URL under the heading "Playlists".



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