[ardour-dev] playback model

Gregorio Canelos gtc at email.arizona.edu
Mon Nov 7 15:32:15 PST 2005

     Hello Everyone,

	I have a general question about the model that is used in ardour to 
    play back regions in an audio track.  I'm not familiar with c++ so i'll 
    get lost if I try to discern high-level organization from the code 
    myself, so maybe some people can explain the model more generally. 
    To playback a single track with say 20 regions arranged throughout the 
    time line, does the track keep a playqueue of it's regions and play each 
    region when the correct time comes along?  How does the track get 
    informed when to write it's next region to the playback line? does the 
    track constantly watch the timer? Also, does a track have it's own thread?

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