[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Tue May 3 21:47:11 PDT 2005

Back on Tuesday 03 May 2005 10:41 pm, Paul Davis was like:
> Your feedback is eagerly sought. Barring reported mishaps this is the
> code that will be the basis of the 0.99 release.
>    * final fix for waveform display issues (??)
>         - while recording, "flat-lining" was occuring
> 	  due to mistakenly copying zero-filled
> 	  areas of the cache.
>    * "follow playhead" button now gets its state
>       stored/restored across ardour invocations
>       as intended (note: this is not session-specific)
>    * dragging region gain control points activates the
>      gain line (thanks Sampo)
>    * undo/redo works correctly for region gain line
>      active state (thanks Sampo)
>    * "crash recovery" dialog centered in screen
>    * port inserts now return the correct number of inputs+outputs
>      thus causing their "owner" routes to have the correct
>      number of panners
>    * LADSPA plugin parameter default values handled "better"
>      (HINT_SAMPLE_RATE is applied as intended, i think)
>    *  ardour/gtk: 0.594.2
>       libardour: 0.890.3
> Test, test and report! Test early, Test often!
> --p
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Don't know if you saw it yet (I just posted the bug in mantis a day or two 
ago) but the peak meter indicators seem to disappear on random channel 
strips. It's trivial and probably easy to fix, but most likely the type of 
thing you'd want fixed before 1.0.

I'm not sure if this is fixed in CVS. I looked through the change logs, but 
didn't spot anything that looked like it fixed this.


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